Are You Doing Enough
to Support Your Team?

Harness mindfulness to Reconnect Them to Your Business

Challenging Times Demand a New Approach

COVID has changed the way your people work.
They are doing more work with less resources, and juggling work from home with return to office.

This has led to:

These challenging times demand a new approach.

Give your people the tools to:

Reducing Stress and Increasing Productivity Through Mindfulness

Remotivate and Reconnect Your People


Weekly team interactions ensure team members are reconnecting with themselves, each other and the organisation. With many working remotely, this is an important and timely reminder of the shared organisational culture which they otherwise miss working outside the office.


Weekly meditation exercises help to relax, refocus, and rejuvenate your team. The stress reduction benefits of meditation are well documented – but our meditations go a lot further, connecting personal growth with a new approach to achieving better business outcomes.


Armed with lower stress levels, a stronger connection to their work and their colleagues, and a deeper understanding of their true potential – your team will become more creative, innovative and inspired.

Reduced Stress

Our guided meditation exercises are designed to relax and de-stress your team at the same time as showing them how to channel their natural strengths and capabilities into their work.

Increased Creativity

The Visualisations contained in this course are also designed to increase innovative and creative thinking, to help your people find new ways to solve old problems.

Stronger Connection

The self-completion exercises promote greater self-awareness and connection to self, while the group sharing exercises bring the team closer together.

Higher Motivation

Ultimately this course is about inspiring your people to work in a new way that allows them to bring more of their own personality and unique strengths into the work they do, and to feel more motivated in doing so.

Harnessing the flow effect

What drives us

We believe people do their best work when they are happy, motivated and in flow.

When they bring their authentic, ‘natural’ selves to work, they perform better.

When they connect with their Purpose and align themselves with their true values, they become more motivated, more effective, and more productive.

The inspiration behind this training is to help leaders unlock the true potential of their team, by helping their people to zone out from the weekly chaos of ‘busyness’ that causes stress, and to zone in to a more sustainable way of working that aligns who they really are with what they are really capable of achieving.

Justin Cooper

Director - Strategy & Culture

Justin has over 30 years of global and SME brand marketing experience, with 9 years as a Purpose Coach and Consultant.

Mark Pereira

Director - Customer Transformation

Mark has over 20 years of experience within information technology, project management, training, sports and mindset coaching.

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