ConsciousNet Guidelines

Duty of care for our members and participants

Our Purpose is to bring like-minded and conscious business people together to share ideas, discuss challenges and to support each other.

 We believe that we have a duty of care to ensure all participants feel safe and supported as we discuss the topics.

 Each participant’s contribution is valued, and we encourage everyone to join in the discussion throughout the meeting. 

Some of the topics we choose to discuss may feel challenging to some participants, as they come at a time when they are facing that particular situation in their business. This is to be expected, as that’s how the Law of Attraction works and so it is no surprise that we ‘happen’ to be talking about subjects that are relevant and useful to people attending that meeting.

We will moderate the group from time to time to ensure that everyone who wants to speak is given the opportunity to do so. This may mean that we need to politely interrupt a speaker who has had the floor for a while, and invite someone who hasn’t had a chance to speak to share their thoughts on a topic.

 If a participant is feeling particularly challenged and needs immediate support, we will invite them into a separate break out room to discuss the issue privately with one of the organisers of ConsciousNet.


This is designed to:

  • a) Help the individual transition through the challenge
  • b) Ensure the rest of the group can continue to work through the ideas and challenges within the limited time we have available during each 60 minute session 

If you have any feedback on the above, in ways that we can improve the process and experience for our members and visitors, please feel free to email us with your thoughts.


Justin and Mark – ConsciousNet co-founders