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ConsciousNet Golden Hour

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What is it?

We believe the world needs a new kind of business networking experience: one that’s based on openness, a deeper connection and mutual support.

ConsciousNet Golden Hour is a weekly, online meetup where you get to discuss topics you may not normally discuss at mainstream networking events – but offers fresh thinking, deeper discussions and practical feedback with like-minded people.

Instead of pitching or selling to each other, we discuss the challenges we face in our businesses, and share ideas for how to overcome them.

Who is it for?

We’ve developed Golden Hour for business owners who are looking to gain more moments of clarity in their business, while growing themselves at a personal level. 

It’s an opportunity to zone out from the weekly chaos of ‘in the business’ thinking and doing… 

and zone in to more of the ‘on the business’ opportunities and interactions we need to be having. Sometimes, when we are too much in our heads – we fail to see the opportunities that are right in front of us.

Golden hour helps to create more moments of clarity so we can get into a position to take these opportunities.

your weekly place to think differently

what our Participants
have to say

The secret Sauce of our weekly meetup.

How does it work?

We open every meeting with a meditation to get everyone on the same page, then break into pods of three to discuss a topic designed to get us thinking about how to improve the way we do business. Then we come back into the main group to share our ideas.

In this way, you get to explore the why and the how of your business, rather than the ‘what.’

Golden Hour at a Glance

This is the format we guide you through each week at Golden Hour:

the benefits

Making time to work on your business, and expanding your thinking leads to:

ConsciousNet Golden Hour

Creating better Opportunities for you and your business.

We believe your business is an extension of you, and if you are more aligned to your true potential, you create better opportunities for yourself and your business.

Most importantly – you start to attract more of the type of clients and customers you deserve.

The ones that value what you do for them, and are willing to pay for that value. 

Our aim is to provide a space where you can connect with yourself and with others, in a supportive environment to help:

  • Expand your mind, 
  • You think differently,
  • Define practical next steps,
  • Align to your true potential.

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