ConsciousNet Align

Leverage the Natural Laws of Nature to deliver a more
Purposeful experience for your customers and business partners.

ConsciousNet Align

Discover the new, Conscious way of doing business.

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What is it?

This immersive online program provides you with the practical foundations to align yourself and your business with the Natural Laws of Nature.

It shows you how to embody your true values in your business, and to develop a practical action plan to do business in a more conscious way.


Who is it for?

We’ve developed CNA for business owners and startups who want to bring greater authenticity and Purpose into their business while growing themselves at a personal level. 

It’s an opportunity to zone out from the weekly chaos of ‘busyness’ that causes stress

and to zone in to a more sustainable way of working that aligns who we really are with what we offer of value.

Discover a more balanced way of doing business.

what our Participants
have to say

Align to a more natural way of doing business.

How does it work?

Sometimes, when we are too much in our heads – we fail to see the opportunities that are right in front of us.

When you align your business with your true self, you deliver a more authentic and purposeful experience to your community and tribe.

Amazing things happen when you are aligned to who you really are, because you are in flow, rather than paddling upstream and working against the current.

The training combines a self-paced 11-week course, and 12 months within a coaching community that offers a:

  • Weekly Live Hot Seat Group Coaching sessions 
  • Regular Live Pod discussion and collaborations
  • Peer-driven community of like-minded business owners supporting you as you grow.

The outcome is a sustainable business strategy that harnesses the power of the natural universal laws, leading to a more balanced business owner, and a more sustainable business. 

CNA at a Glance

This is the format we guide you through CNA:

the benefits

Finding balance in your business you will discover:

ConciousNet Align

A more Mindful & Sustainable business Owner.

We believe your business is an extension of you, and if you are more aligned to your true potential, you create better and more sustainable opportunities for you and your business.

Most importantly – you start to attract more of the clients and customers you deserve.

The ones that value what you do for them, and are willing to pay for that value. 

Our aim is to provide you with the capabilities to start harnessing the natural laws of nature and the universe in your business. Where you can connect and align to a higher version of yourself so you can be even more valuable to your community and tribe. 

CNA provides you with the time, space and supportive environment to help:

  • Expand your mind, 
  • You to think differently, 
  • Give you practical steps to make the change,
  • Align you to your true potential.

We exist to provide deeper connections that business owners actually need as they grow their business. 

More Balance in Business.

Build your Mindset and capabilities using sustainable strategies and Innovative thinking to grow your business.