About Us

Who we are and what we believe.

We Believe...

When business is open hearted, open minded, and driven by Purpose; great things happen.

The world needs a new kind of business experience: one that’s based on openness, mutual support, and authenticity.

When people align with their true selves, create a deeper connection with their ‘why’, and collaborate with like-minded souls, magic happens.

Creativity and Clarity.

A place to turn the creative thinking on! Rejuvenate by stepping out of the day’s grind and gain clarity.

supported and empowered.

A ‘trusted’ community to relieve the pressure. Like-minds generating practical solutions to common problems. A feeling of support, empowerment and a way to resolve challenges.

think and grow differently.

Delve into topics not commonly asked at business networking groups and see how this will open the corridors of your mind for growth!

Come as you Are.

Come as you are! Realise your true value. There is no one else you need to be.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Once upon a time...

There were two entrepreneurs who both believed in the power of Purpose and Intuition in business.

One was using meditation as a tool to help his customers access a deeper understanding of their Purpose, and the other was using intuition as a way of giving his customers a deeper understanding of their true potential.

One of them picked up the other’s book in a local store and realised he completely aligned with what he read.

They met for a coffee, and ConsciousNet was born.

Justin Cooper

Director - Strategy & Culture

Justin has over 30 years of global and SME brand marketing experience, with 9 years as a Purpose Coach and Consultant.

He is also the founder of Brand Purpose .Co - helping entrepreneurs, leaders and organisations to define their Purpose, align it with their company culture, and activate it through their brand positioning, communications, and product & service delivery.

Justin is a pioneer in the field of harnessing meditation as a business tool.

Mark Pereira

Director - Customer Transformation

Mark has over 20 years of experience within information technology, project management, training, sports coaching and consulting.

He is also the founder of hypa.co – providing a blend of intuitive and spiritual guidance with business and coaching expertise to produce well-rounded, successful humans.

Outside of work, Mark loves his sport and family time, so you'll find him on a tennis court, golf course or hanging out with his children when he's not in the office.

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